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Sky High Lifestyles Events

We offer regular workshops on:

Posture, Spinal care, Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Running workshops, Sports rehab., Pregnancy, Midwifery/Doula care and family holistic care. We also have regular guest speakers and instructors that come and share their knowledge on how you can improve your health and maximized lifestyle!

  • January CLEANSE with us! The GROUP Cleanse, great way to start 2012!!!
  • January 25th Homebirth Info night with Roots Midwifery
  • January-June: Pre-natal workshops, “Birthing from Within” and “Hypnobirthing” workshops weekly
  • January: CLEAN skin care and cosmetics, check out our new Store in the clinic!
  • January: Ross Taylor workshops “Owning Your Voice” Professional Coaching, Training and Consulting
  • February LOVES your family! Family Discounts in February
  • July 15 Sponsor twoonie race
  • October 16: World Spine Day
  • November 22, Hosting Squamish Women Networking Group
  • December: Food/Toy Drive

Sky High Lifestyles | (604) 567-1232
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