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Your First Visit to Our Squamish Practice

Welcome to Sky High Lifestyles, are you ready to improve the quality of your life?

At your first visit with us, we will have you fill out some detailed paperwork regarding your health history, what your coming to the office for and what your expectations are. We want to know what your physical, chemical and emotional stressors are to get a complete view of what your true health status is. A thorough physical, neurological and spinal exam will take place.

Most patients come to us because some sort of pain is bothering them.

We like to do a complete whole body exam because only 10% of our nerve system responds to pain (Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel prize winner, Brain Research, 1984). It is similar to Dentistry. We might have a cavity and not be aware of it because there is no pain. When we do feel pain it is usually when the problem has progressed and caused severe damage to the tooth and even to the nerve. That is why people maintain their dental care and are taught to brush and floss daily. Since we may have subluxations without pain it is important to get checked by a Chiropractor regularly in order to maintain proper health.

Take a look to see what you can expect during your second visit.

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